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Shopping in Delhi can be daunting if you don’t know where to go and how to get there. Traveling by road can also eat up valuable time. Delhi can be hard to navigate on your own. Roads are not marked and some signs are only in Hindi.

I can help you get most of your time by creating a personalized shopping experience for you. I’ll pick you up, take you to various shops and help you have a great time finding all the treats Delhi has to offer.

There is no obligation to buy anything at any shop. I don't take a cut from any of the shop keepers so that I can provide you the most unbiased tour of my city

We start at 10AM from your hotel and are back between 4 and 5PM for a full day tour.


What to buy

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There are lots of interesting things you can buy in Delhi. We generally spend "focus days" on the following items of interest

  • Tailored Clothes
  • Fabrics for bedspreads
  • Indian food and spices
  • Jewelry
  • Open air markets and bazaars
  • Crafts and Toys
  • For Men

A few good shopping guides for Delhi with a list of shops are available at the following sites. I can't link to them since it violates Google's adwords policy
  • National Geographic – Shopping Guide for Delhi
  • Delhi Tourism – Shopping in Delhi
  • Lonely Planet – Shopping in Delhi
  • The Guardian – Shopping in Delhi